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401k Plans, Business Retirement Plans

Certus Financial Services is a provider of qualified defined contribution plans located in Portland, Oregon and serving clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. Certus Financial Services offers 401(k), 403(b), Safe Harbor 401(k), SIMPLE IRAs, and SOLO 401(k) plans. 

Your goal is to provide the best possible benefits for yourself and your employees. Certus Financial Services has built a reputation on integrity and providing an exceptional level of service and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs. Here are some questions to ask yourself about your current provider, or if you're in the process of deciding on whether to start a retirement plan.

Plan Review

Is your plan serving everyone including owners and highly compensated employees? Does it have the features and benefits you need to attract and retail great employees?

Let Certus Financial Services help you design a custom retirement plan to meet your goals and objectives.

Enrollment & Education

When was the last time your current provider was on site to help with enrollment and participant education? Does your current provider even offer it?

Money is the only thing made in America that does not come with instructions. Certus Financial Services will help you clearly understand your opportunities while reducing risk.

Third Party Administration Review (TPA)

Are you happy with your current TPA?

Simply stated, some TPAs are better than others and some cost more than others. A higher priced TPA is not always better. Let us help you shop the market for your TPA needs.

Fiduciary Review

Has your provider talked with you about your personal liability of your retirement plan?

Most Plan trustees don’t understand that they are personally liable for the retirement plans they manage. Things need to be done correctly or there can be problems. Certus Financial Services has knowledge and resources to reduce your potential liabilities as a plan sponsor.

ERISA Bonds / Fiduciary Insurance

Unlike most 401(k) Brokers, Certus Financial Services will guide on proper Fiduciary Liability Insurance and proper ERISA Bond coverage. We will even make those calls for you to arrange for those types of coverage.